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At the heart of this mesmerizing ring lies two delicately made glass cabochons. These cabochons, expertly crafted from high-quality and vibrant colored glass, create a captivating blend of hues that reflect the uniqueness of your loved one's spirit.

Be it a vibrant burst of azure or a tranquil fusion of emerald, the choice is yours to honor their distinct personality.

Within each glass cabochon, a single ethereal touch resides - a minuscule amount of ashes lovingly encased forever and perpetually preserved. This subtle tribute serves as a gentle reminder of the bond shared, allowing you to keep their memory close at all times.

The silver finding flawlessly complements the glass cabochons, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to the overall design. The intricate silver detailing ensures a durable and comfortable fit, allowing for effortless wear and limitless admiration.

Each Cremation Memorial Glass Ring that leaves my studio is made to order with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing an heirloom-quality piece that stands the test of time. Your ring will truly be a one-of-a-kind creation, uniquely imbued with the love and memories you hold dear.

Honor your beloved in a magnificent fusion of artistry and sentiment. Embrace the solace and healing it offers while keeping their legacy alive. Cherish their memory anew, knowing that their spirit will forever radiate from this exquisitely handcrafted ring.

Twin Stone Silver Ring Cremation Memorial Glass Ring - Ashes in glass

  • Note: As each pendant is individually handmade to order, slight variations in color and design may occur, making each piece truly unique.
    Upon receiving your order, I will promptly send you a letter detailing instructions on how to send a small portion of the ashes to me. I understand the delicate nature of this process and want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in trusting me with your loved one's remains.

    Please be aware that while every precaution is taken to ensure that the ashes remain secure I cannot take responsibility for any loss in transit. For this reason I only use fully tracked and recorded delivery services and advise you to do the same.

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