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My name is Jacob Ashmore

I am a skilled glassblower with over 12 years in the industry.

I specialise in teaching and creating bespoke pieces and have extensive experience in these areas.

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I was born and raised in Bath, England, where I started my career in the shop at Bath Aqua Glass. I quickly moved from the shop to learning the basics of lampworking and glass engraving.


In 2013 I moved to Bristol Blue Glass as an apprentice, where I learned most of my traditional furnace glass-blowing skills. During the four years I spent there, I progressed to be a fully qualified glass maker. Here I was involved in high profile projects with companies like Meantime Brewery and commissions for the Royal Household. I continued with my lampworking glass in his own time.


By 2018 I left Bristol Blue Glass to become self employed with my own glass brand, and to teach glass making at The Glass Hub.


At the start of  2020 I went to Australia for a long holiday, that due to global events, turned into a stay of several years. I met Gerry Reilly of The Melting Pot Glass Studio in Margaret River and started working for Gerry the following year and spent 2 years there after. My work at The Melting Pot ranged from production, to teaching, as well as helping design and build new equipment for the studio.

Gerry was kindly able to offer me studio space for my lampwork, which has been influenced and encouraged by Gerry’s unique style and experience. Not to mention the vast wealth of inspiration provided by Western Australia’s diverse and stimulating natural landscape.


Moving back to Britain in 2023 I have set up my own practice again. My current style comes from my classical background combined with self taught, modern skills, in lampwork, and the work I've done at The Melting Pot Glass Studio. I work with a mix of borosilicate glass and soft glass where I can combine my traditional training with up to date techniques to create modern forms and sculpture.

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