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Every aspect of this pendant is thoughtfully designed with the utmost care. The circular pendant, made from the finest sterling silver, symbolizes the eternal cycle of life. Nestled at its heart, a mesmerizing glass cabochon awaits, ready to encapsulate the precious memories that you hold dear.


Individually handmade to order with an unwavering attention to detail, I delicately encase a small portion of your loved one's ashes within the glass cabochon.

It is a profoundly personal way to keep them close to your heart.


For a touch of personalization, I offer a wide selection of coloured glass to choose from. Select a hue that resonates with your cherished memories or reflects your loved one's vibrant spirit. Whether it is a serene blue to evoke a calming presence, a passionate red to ignite fiery memories, or any color in between, find solace in knowing that each pendant is uniquely tailored to your preferences.


In addition to its undeniable sentimental value, our Cremation Memorial Glass Pendant exudes timeless elegance. The lustrous sterling silver serves as a radiant backdrop, enhancing the brilliance of the glass cabochon and giving it a mesmerizing allure. Its versatility ensures that it seamlessly complements any ensemble, allowing you to confidently wear your precious memories on any occasion.

Throughout life's seasons, this pendant will remain an enduring testament to the perpetual bond you share with your beloved. By wearing this pendant, you carry their spirit, love, and warmth close to your heart, finding solace in their ever-present embrace.

Nurture your cherished memories and encapsulate their essence within this remarkable piece of jewelry.

Round Pendant Sterling Silver Cremation Memorial Glass - Ashes in Glass

  • Note: As each piece is individually handmade to order, slight variations in color and design may occur, making each piece truly unique.
    Upon receiving your order, I will promptly send you a letter detailing instructions on how to send a small portion of the ashes to me. I understand the delicate nature of this process and want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in trusting me with your loved one's remains.

    Please be aware that while every precaution is taken to ensure that the ashes remain secure I cannot take responsibility for any loss in transit. For this reason I only use fully tracked and recorded delivery services and advise you to do the same.

    I aim to dispatch your completed order within, at the latest, 2 weeks of receiving your ashes.

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